WFOE Consulting/Tech Registration

5-15 Working Days Prename Registration
15-30 days to get Business License
Online Registration Support

Shanghai WFOE Registration + 1 PU letter Application

  • Business License (WFOE)
  • Articles of association (Chinese language)
  • Company stamp, Financial stamp, Fapiao seal and Legal Representative stamp
  • Physical address fee in the Development Zone for 1 year
  • Open the account in Foreign Expert Affairs
  • Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit (one person)
  • 1 PU Letter Application (one person)

Consulting / Technology Company set up process

  • Company pre-name check: 5-15 working days (must use the Chinese language for the names).
  • Signing some company documents (it depends, if you are not in China, you need a courier express to us me after you sign the documents).
  • Waiting for the 3 in 1 Business License (15-30 working days).
  • Open the company account in Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (FEA) (7 workding days)
  • Applying for the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit in FEA (7-15 workding days)
  • Applying for the PU letter Application for one person

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE or WOFE) refers to foreign enterprises, corporations, economic organizations, or individuals that are 100% owned and capitalized in China by foreign investors. Thus, the WFOE doesn’t include the Joint venture enterprises, Representative Offices, or the branches of foreign companies, etc. Most notably, unlike the other investment vehicles in China, the unique feature of a WFOE is that the involvement of a mainland Chinese investor is not required. That’s why the WFOE is the most popular corporation for the Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE).

A. In China, the official name of a company consists of four parts: administrative region, designation name, industry characteristics, and organizational form. Firstly, the administrative region name includes different regions or cities where you register the company. Secondly, the designation name includes two or more Chinese characters. Thirdly, the industrial characteristic includes the name of the products, business, or industries such as trade, culture, technology, advertising, etc. Fourthly, the organizational form includes the limited company, liability limited company, RO, etc.

Setting up a company in China requires a legal representative. The legal representative can be one Chinese or a foreigner. Besides that, the legal representative may be one of the shareholders, or it may be one of the persons from the appointment system (the position is the chairman, executive director, or manager). But the legal representative should not be the supervisor.

According to the Company law, a WFOE in China is required to appoint at least one natural person as the supervisor, and this person can be of any nationality and reside in any place. The supervisor cannot be appointed as the legal representative, board members or other senior manager. However, any shareholder or employee can be nominated to serve as a supervisor. In fact, the Supervisor of a WFOE/JV has no direct authority or responsibility, and usually serves a “symbolic function” within the company.

A. Generally, the foreign investor should have a 100% shareholder ratio to set up a WFOE. 

A. To set up a company in China requires an office and the provision of a lease agreement, a copy of the real estate license, and other related materials. Furthermore, if you don’t have a rented office in China, we can help you to find the best office and provide you the registration address in the Development Zone. Briefly, you can use this cost-saving company for company registration and rent an ideal office when you start your business in China.

A. The Chinese company law stipulates that an enterprise may not operate business beyond the business scope of the business license, otherwise it will face a fine. Therefore, you must first determine the main operations to ensure that the company can legally operate these industries. If you are unsure whether to do the added business scope, you can go to the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) to ask the questions. That’s why the Chinese business scope is very important for your company.