Choosing the Right Accounting Service in China

Foreign companies looking to penetrate the Chinese market often choose to establish a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE), granting them complete control over their operations and profit-making within China. However, once the WFOE is successfully registered, navigating the labyrinth of financial compliance becomes the foremost challenge. This article delves into the strategic approach to accounting and financial management that is essential for the newly established WFOE in China.

Role of WFOEs in China

WFOEs serve as an instrumental vehicle for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) to not only enter the Chinese market but to also exercise autonomy over their business strategies, which would otherwise be influenced by local JV (Joint Venture) partners. The number of employees you plan to hire is a starting point in defining your business scale.

Defining ‘Small Company’ in the International Context

Globally, the classification of a ‘small company’ varies. For instance, in the European Union, a business with fewer than 50 employees is considered small, and those with fewer than 250 are medium-sized. In the United States, small enterprises typically have fewer than 100 employees, while those with fewer than 500 qualify as medium-sized. Understanding these benchmarks is vital as China may have varying definitions based on industry and region.

Choosing an Accounting Service in China

Scrutiny of your accounting practices in China is a must. Opting for a budget-friendly agent offering services at RMB 300-500 per month may seem appealing, but it’s a decision likely to lead to insufficient attention to your accounts. These low-cost solutions can fail to dedicate adequate time, potentially leading to discrepancies and issues with the tax authorities, accumulating severe penalties.

From our experience, many foreign clients are unable to trace the initial cheap accounting services they signed up for, often losing track of invoices, official company chops (seals), and accounting records. They turn to professional consultancies like GWBMA in times of trouble, but undoing the mess created by such low-tier practices can be exceptionally burdensome if they are not ongoing clients.

Strategic Registration and Office Location

Another critical decision is the selection of your WFOE’s registered address. Simultaneously, choosing a cost-effective office location is intertwined with this choice. Balancing cost implications with operational efficiency is key.

The Right Accounting Service in China

Individual Investors as Sole Shareholders and Employees

As the sole shareholder and potentially the only employee of your own WFOE, managing personal remuneration is crucial. Without immediate operational revenue, it is prudent to inject sufficient funds as registered capital, later drawing a salary from this reserve. This judicious allocation of personal funds not only assists in maintaining a healthy financial baseline for the company but also supports the acquisition of necessary work and residence permits, especially in the initial years devoid of significant revenue.

Managing Personal Remuneration – The service of accounting in China

The management of personal remuneration poses a unique challenge for small-sized foreign investors, particularly those at the helm as sole proprietors. Without a clear and stable revenue stream at the outset, tapping into initial investments to maintain a livelihood becomes an exercise in finesse. This maneuver is as much about financial prudence as it is about navigating the intricate tapestry of Chinese regulatory compliance concerning residence and work permits, which demand a legitimate compensation mechanism. Drawing from registered capital for personal salaries is a strategy that can be executed with legitimacy, provided it is done within the confines of regulations and meticulous record-keeping.


The narrative of a WFOE, especially a smaller enterprise, unfolds over accounting ledgers as much as within market ventures. As a new year dawns, it brings a fresh tide of possibilities and reaffirms the timeless wisdom that a stitch in time saves nine in the realm of financial management. A WFOE stands at the crossroads of expanding into the Chinese market where foresight, compliance, and financial wisdom dictate the path to success. Aligning with a financial partner who not only navigates but also lights up the financial terrain is paramount.

Your WFOE, hence, stands at a crossroads where foresight, compliance, and financial prudence will dictate the trajectory of its success. As you embark on this journey, it is imperative to align with a financial partner equipped not just to navigate but to illuminate the financial landscape. GWBMA remains committed to assisting foreign enterprises in laying a robust financial foundation for their Chinese odysseys. Here’s to a successful business venture in the thriving Chinese market!

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