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China Company Free Search Engine is the first English-language version of the Corporation Search database in Mainland China. According to the Company law, there is no legal corporation name in the English language in Mainland China. Therefore, please enter the Company name in Chinese language or fill in the 18 digital Unified Social Credit Codes in the search box above. It is a basic nationwide English-language company registration database specific to each province or city of China, including company name, Unified Social Credit Code, Legal Representative, Company status, Type, and Address.

If you need the latest company information in detail which you are searching for, please contact us. Our legal team will provide the professional China professional Corporation Verification report in Mainland China. The super Verification report contains Company Registration Information, Certificates, Subsidiaries & Branches, Annual returns, Ownership Chart, Tax records, Reputation & Legal inspection, Customs records, etc.

GWBMA provides convenient access to China company Registration information in English. Besides that, we will contact the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and Chinese courts to obtain the latest information on the target company which will show the current status.


Company Search

Company Search is the first step in navigating China's business landscape. This entails scrutinizing existing enterprises, examining company registries, and understanding competitor frameworks—a crucial prelude to entering China's commercial realm.

Set up Company

Establishing a company in China involves registering with the SAMR, selecting a compliant business structure, and adhering to local investment guidelines. With proper legal and procedural groundwork, foreign investors can successfully launch their ventures.

Convert Company

Conversion of a company's structure is governed by Chinese corporate law, allowing for shifts between business types such as from a Representative Office to a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE), necessitating a thorough review of regulatory implications.

Close Company

The closure, or dissolution, of a company in China requires a formal process that includes clearance of debts, tax settlements, and deregistration with authorities, ensuring a clean and compliant exit from the Chinese market.

Accounting & Tax

Navigating China's comprehensive fiscal system is essential. It mandates strict accounting practices, timely tax filings, and adherence to local and national tax laws, all aligned with state regulations to maintain financial and operational probity.

Work Visa & Permit

Obtaining a work visa and permit is imperative for foreign nationals seeking employment in China. The process entails securing an employment offer, undergoing health checks, and fulfilling criteria set by the Chinese immigration and labor authorities.