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What is the Manual Verification Report about?

Exceptional verification reports from first-rate attorneys

$99 USD

1 Working Day

In-depth PDF Verification Report

$199 USD

1-3 Working Days

In-depth PDF Verification Report

$399 USD

3-5 Working Days

In-depth PDF Verification Report

The Key points of the Reports




What are the official sources of information?

China Government departments’ official Data sources

The verification report covers the verification of the corporations registered in Mainland China. It is noted that our reports are manually researched and our Attorney verified the information using live information sources, and the reports are not automatically generated.

China Company Verification Service is an important mission for a safe business in China. Our services provide objective information on Chinese companies, including Official Company Name, Registration Information, Company Certifications & License, Company Shareholders and Directors, Ownership Chart, Legal Checks, Annual Reports, Administrative Penalties, etc.

The Verification Report contains within this document was compiled and translated from various public government sources. For us, all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the translation. That means the data within this report is provided for informational purposes for investment, business, trading, etc.

How to determine the credibility of the Report?

Using the best course of action to protect your business in China

First of all, the Company License is one of the most important steps in establishing a new corporation or business in Mainland China. To verify a company’s corporate documents, firstly we’ll determine the True or False True or False through the correct company’s name in Mainland China where the business was established. Secondly, we’ll aggregate information from many different official data sources, including State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), China Tax Bureau, the National enterprise credit information publicity system, China Executive information disclosure Center, and China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). Thirdly, we’ll check the Subsidiaries & Branch, Annual Return, Ownership Chart, Tax records, Reputation & Legal inspection, Customs record, Trademark, Copyright, Patent, etc. In following these steps, you will receive the most Comprehensive Verification Report in 3-5 working days.

Why verify the company with GWBMA?

Live Data Sources

Professional law firm in China

Quick & Convenient Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Company Verification Report

How Can I Become a GWBMA User Quickly?

To ensure the security of our services and to prevent misuse by hackers, our technicians have implemented a review process for creating an account. However, if you wish to become a user quickly, we recommend that you first directly make a payment for your order on our website and opt to create an account during this process. New users who follow this procedure will be instantly approved by our system within 3 minutes.

How long will it take to get my report?

Normally, we need 1 working day for the Basic report, according to China time (CST). For the Pro Verification Report, we need 1–3 working days. And for the Comprehensive report, we need 3–5 working days. Excluding weekends and Chinese holidays.

What information do I need to provide in order to buy a China Verification report?

Firstly, you’d better offer the correct Chinese company name in Chinese in the order form. According to China company law, all Chinese companies must use the Chinese language for the legal name of the corporations in Mainland China. If you can not give us the Chinese name of the company, you should give us the registration number of this company.

What is the English Name of a Mainland China Company?

According to the Company Law of China, companies registered in Mainland China must have a name in Chinese characters and are not required to have an English name. However, if a Chinese company needs to make International Payments using an English name, it can register an English name with Chinese banks, but this does not have legal standing. This means the English name of some Chinese companies may not match the direct English translation of their Chinese name. Therefore, the only way to accurately identify a Mainland China company is by its Unified Social Credit Identifier (USCI) number.

What payment method can use?

Credit Card or Paypal online payment is a good method for Verification Report Service. If you want to use the bank transfer, please contact us at

How can I obtain the Invoice for the Verification report service?

You can download and print Invoice when you complete your orders. Meanwhile, if you want to download all the Invoices of your orders, please Login your account and download.

I have already placed an order for the basic report, can I update the verification report?

Yes. If you decide you’d like to upgrade your China Verification from the basic report to the Pro or Comprehensive report, please contact us and we can arrange payment of the difference and prepare an updated report.

What does the Verification Report cover?

The verification report covers the verification of the corporations registered in Mainland China. It is noted that our reports are manually researched and our Attorney verified the information using live information sources, and the reports are not automatically generated.

Why you need the additional information files?

The main point is that companies in Mainland China are registered entirely in the Chinese language, so making a direct link between the English name of a company and a registered entity can be challenging. That is why we need to ensure that we have sufficient verifiable information about a company in order to process our verification report with the required high level of certainty.

Why are the Chinese names of company personnel presented in Chinese characters in the report?

Chinese names are entirely different from Western names. There are only over eight hundred commonly used Chinese characters, which means if one were to use the Pinyin of a person’s name, it could result in an infinite number of names. However, to express the true name of an individual, it is necessary to use Chinese characters in reports. This is because it is stipulated by Chinese law.

Why didn’t I receive my report?

Firstly, it’s probably a holiday in China, our team has to work in the working days. GWBMA takes great care to ensure that all reports are delivered on or prior to the estimated delivery date. In previous cases where clients have not received their reports, it has been found that email spam filters have incorrectly prevented the report from being received. So please search the email in your spam and move to “Inbox” and add the sender to the whitelist. If you do not receive your report after the estimated delivery date, please contact us at

What can I do if I need a more in-depth report?

Please contact us by email: As always, we have an Exhaustive Professional Verification Report for you, including Enterprise Index, Industrial Status, Market analysis, etc.

Which type of companies are not covered under the verification report?

Due to excessive information, the verification report is not applicable for Listed companies or Group companies, or the report is limited to 10 recent translation records in each Section.


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