There are nine points here, three horizontal and three vertical. Can you use a folded straight line to pass all of them without exceeding three bends? Starting a company in China is a complex matter, requiring Business Registration, Financing, Merger & Acquisition, Tax & Accounting, Legal services, Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Governmental relations. So, how to solve each step efficiently with the simplest method? That’s why the task of GWBMA (GoodWill Business Management Agency) is to solve various complex problems for you with the simplest straight line.

GWBMA provides one-stop business service for enterprises, including registration, location, Accounting & Tax, HR outsourcing, and legal services. After 10 years of experience, GWBMA has grown into a world-leading platform that maintains a good government relations, a great proficiency in the administrative process, and a deep understanding in administrative rules and regulations. Our Law Firm, Diligent and Integrity Law Firm is a comprehensive law firm approved by Shanghai Judicial Bureau, engaged in the legal business in the fields of intellectual property, corporate legal risk management, management and registration, enterprise restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing, financial trust, and litigation dispute resolution.

The team and partner of GWBMA have graduated from famous schools and abroad with rich experience in practice. We are well versed in foreign investment, intellectual property and other business, and can tailor the most suitable foreign investment plan for customers according to their actual situation.

Choose GWBMA, choose its expertise with high efficiency, and start your business in China Today.




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