Track, manage and monitor your Registration procedure in China easily




How to check your application status?

Company Registration, Trademark Registration, Copyright Registration, Patent Registration

Please have a login or Create an account before placing an order, and you can check your application status and get the latest updates in your dashboard, including Company Registration, Trademark, Copyright and Patent application menu.

  • Please sign to your account:
  • Choose the buttons of different products on the left, and find your order number on the right.
  • Click the button “View” and enter your order.
  • You can find the latest Procedure of your Registration application, and download the official files in different statuses.

Why I can’t check the order’s status in my dashboard?

  • You can only check your application status after we start processing your application. 
  • It can take some time between when you submit your application and when we open it.
  • You didn’t log in to your account or create an account before placing an order.