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Three types of Patent Applications in China

Utility Model

$1,600* Exclude Govt Fee

The Utility Model patent is a technical solution for the product, mainly aimed at the mechanism of the product.


$800 Exclude Govt Fee

The Design patent is about the shape, pattern, color, and other Appearance of your product, including the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of software.


$2,600* Exclude Govt Fee

The Invention patent is the inventor’s protection of new products, new technical solutions, etc.


File your patent with our professional online process

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Documents required for Patent Registration in China

ID Proof

If the owner of the copyright is the legal entity, the Certificate of Registration/Business Certificates should be notarized and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or consulate. If the owner of the copyrgiht is a natural person, we just need the Scanning copy of the passport.

Power Of Attorney

Please sign or affix your seal to the enclosed Power of Attorney (POA) document, which has been duly executed by the applicant. Once signed, please return the document to us for further processing.

Filing Documents

For the Design Patent application, we need clear images of your Design. For the Utility Model Patent or Invention Patent application, we need technical documentation, including Software code, electricity, machinery, formula, method, Images, or Videos.

Invention Explanation

For the different types of Patent Applications, we need different Invention Explanations.To improve the Patent pass rate, we need the description in terms of the purpose of the patent, creation process, working process, product structure, etc.


What will you receive after Patent Registration

Notification of Acceptance

Receipt of the official Patent application acceptance

Patent Certificate

Approval of Patent Certificate

Why apply the Patent with GWBMA?

Get official proof of your works

Put an end to any infringement

Quick & Convenient Support

Frequently Asked Questions about Patent Registration

Learn More About Patent Registration

When I have completed the order, can I view the working procedure of my order online?

Yes. Once you become a GWBMA user,  you can track the status and registration procedures of your order in your account. You can check the Patent Registration process and download the relevant files from the Official Documents from CNIPA directly in your account. Additionally, you can download and print the invoice once your orders are completed.

What is the patent office called in China?

Patents in China are granted by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), which is a fee-funded state office under the State Administration for Market Regulation. The role of the CNIPA is to grant patents for the protection of inventions and to register trademarks for products and services.

What should I prepare for the Patent application?

When you apply for an Invention patent or a utility model, the Authorized Patent attorney shall submit a Power of Attorney (POA), Official patent application letter, Right-claiming document, Images, and Instruction which has the features of the invention or Utility model in the field. For a Design patent application, you need to submit a POA, Official patent application letter, Images, and relevant explanation.

What’s the difference between a utility model patent and a design patent?

A utility model patent protects how an invention works, including shape, structure, or combination. A design patent protects how a product looks, including shape, pattern, color, or combination. If both the design and the function are unique, and the design doesn’t affect the function, you can apply for the utility model patent and a design patent together.

Does the patent owner need to pay an annual fee to the Government?

After being granted the patent right, the patent owner shall pay the patent fee to the Government every year during the patent term. If the owner doesn’t pay the Government fee on time, it shall be deemed as abandoning the patent.

How Can I Become a GWBMA User Quickly?

To ensure the security of our services and to prevent misuse by hackers, our technicians have implemented a review process for creating an account. However, if you wish to become a user quickly, we recommend that you first directly make a payment for your order on our website and opt to create an account during this process. New users who follow this procedure will be instantly approved by our system within 3 minutes.

How many types of Patents are available in China?

According to the Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China, there are 3 types of patents issued by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), which include Invention Patent, Utility Model Patent, and Design Patent.

How long does it take to get a Patent in China?

In Mainland China, it takes about 6 months from the filing of a patent application to get a Design patent, 6-8 months to get a Utility Model Patent, and 2-5 years to get an Invention patent.

How can I apply for Graphical User Interface (GUI) patent in China?

According to the Patent Law in China, Graphical User Interface (GUI) elements are tools for computer software or APPs, which is such as windows, icons, menus, and pointing buttons. Therefore, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) belongs to the Design Patent application.

If the owner is a foreign legal corporation, how to submit the identity certificate?

You need to provide a copy of the registration license of a legal corporation, that is notarized by a local qualified institution, it must be certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate in that country. The notarization includes two aspects: one is that the company is legally and effectively established; the other is that the signature of the company’s legal representative is valid.


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Jason V.

Highly recommend!

I am very pleased to have chosen GWBMA, and they file my GUI with CNIPA. It started with a brief conversation with Mr. Mao. He advised me on how best to proceed, I paid the fee, and my paperwork was ready to go within just a few days. He was very thorough and communicative throughout the whole process. Highly recommend!


Great service!

The Attorney was patient and very informative. Prayerfully my utility patent is approved very soon. Thanks again.