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Two ways to register a copyright in China

Computer Software

$450 Include Government Fee

Not like Works, the computer software Copyright is an independent Certificate in China. We file a standard application to register your copyright.


$350 Exclude Government Fee

You can create confidently, knowing your work is protected against infringement. We file a E application to protect your work.


You can get the Copyright Certificate with us at the fastest 45 working days

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Documents required for Copyright Regisration in China

ID Proof

If the owner of the copyright is the legal entity, the Certificate of Incorporation or Business Certificates should be notarized and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or consulate. However, if the owner is a natural person, we just need the Scanning copy of the passport.

Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney (POA) duly executed by the applicant (Enclosed). It means that you just need to sign or seal the POA that we provide.

Software Code

For the Computer Software Copyright, we need the source program which shall be submitted in the First and Last 30 consecutive pages, and if the pages are less than 60 pages shall be submitted in full version.

Works Sample

For the Works Copyright, we need the Samples of works. Moreover, please write the description in terms of the purpose of creation, creation process, process and originality of the work, etc.


What will you receive after Copyright Registration

Notification of Acceptance

Receipt of the official copyright application acceptance

Copyright Certificate

Approval of Copyright Registration Certificate

Why apply the Copyright with GWBMA?

Get official proof of your works

Put an end to any infringement

Quick & Convenient Support

Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright Registration

Learn More About Copyright Registration

When I have completed the order, can I view the working procedure of my order online?

Yes. Once you become a GWBMA user,  you can track the status and registration procedures of your order in your account. You can check the Copyright Registration process and download the relevant files from the Official Documents from the China Copyright Protection Center (CPCC) directly in your account. Additionally, you can download and print the invoice once your orders are completed.

What is the Works Copyright?

In China, Works Copyright refers to the intellectual achievements that are original in the fields of literature, art, and science and can be copied in a tangible form. Generally, China Copyright protects works of literature, art, sciences, engineering, and technology created in any form of written, oral, musical, dramatic, choreographic, and acrobatic works, fine arts and architecture, photographic works, cinematographic works, graphic works, etc.

What is the China Copyright Official Center?

The China Copyright Protection Center (CCPC) is the National Official Copyright Public Center in China, which is responsible for the copyright registration of works in China and Overseas.

How to view the Works Sample?

You can directly scan the QR code on the Copyright Certificate to view the work sample, but only the copyright owner’s registered Chinese mobile phone can get the Verification Code message from the China Copyright Protection Center (CPCC). Certainly, you can also fill out the prescribed application form and documents to apply for checking the Works sample to the CCPC.

How do foreigners or units apply for copyright registration of works?

Applying for copyright registration of works in China, the foreigners or units are in accordance with the principle of national treatment, which is consistent with the registration materials required by Chinese citizens. Foreign language materials must be submitted in Chinese (except for sample works).

What is Real Name Authentication for Copyright Registration in China?

If you apply for the Works copyright through the agency, you don’t need the Real Name Authentication. But if you apply for the Computer Software copyright, you need to turn on the Real Name Authentication as the first step. Meanwhile, if the owner is a natural person, we just need your passport, but if the owner of the copyright is a Foreign Legal Entity, the Business Certificate should be notarized and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or consulate.

Who can be the Copyright Owner?

Natural persons, corporations, or other organizations that independently develop and complete software, as well as natural persons, corporations, or other organizations that have contracted, inherited, transferred, or accepted Computer Software copyrights can become copyright owners.

Computer Software 1.0 has been registered, do I need to register again for the upgraded version?

Different versions are different Computer Software works, upgrade software with major changes in Computer Software functions and performance, applicants should re-register if necessary.

 What is the exclusive license of Computer Software copyright?

It refers to the right that the software copyright owner, within a specific period and geographical area, authorizes the licensee to use one or more of the rights it enjoys. That is to say, the right is exclusive, no one else (including the licensor) can use it except for the licensee.

How Can I Become a GWBMA User Quickly?

To ensure the security of our services and to prevent misuse by hackers, our technicians have implemented a review process for creating an account. However, if you wish to become a user quickly, we recommend that you first directly make a payment for your order on our website and opt to create an account during this process. New users who follow this procedure will be instantly approved by our system within 3 minutes.

What is Computer Software Copyright?

According to Regulations on Computer Software Protection, computer Software refers to computer programs and related documents. The Computer Program refers to a sequence of coded instructions or a sequence of symbolic statements that can achieve a certain function. Furthermore, the documents refer to the text materials and charts used to describe the content, composition, design, functional specifications, development, test results, and use methods of the program, such as program design instructions, flow charts, operation manuals, etc. A computer program refers to a sequence of coded instructions or a sequence of symbolic statements that can achieve a certain function. Therefore, It refers to computer programs and related documents. 

What are the benefits of registering a copyright in China?

Although your work is under copyright protection as soon as it’s created, it is hard to present evidence to fight against the Chinese pirates. If you get a Copyright Certificate in China. You also may be able to sue infringers for statutory damages and attorney’s fees. Thus, you’ll establish strong evidence in the China court that the copyright is valid.

If one of the owners is a foreign legal corporation, how to submit the identity certificate?

You need to provide a copy of the registration license of a legal corporation, that is notarized by a local qualified institution, it must be certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate in that country. The notarization includes two aspects: one is that the company is legally and effectively established; the other is that the signature of the company’s legal representative is valid.

Which works cannot be applied for Copyright registration?

According to China Copyright Law, the following cannot be applied for Copyright:

  • Laws, regulations, state organs’ resolutions, decisions, orders, and other documents with legislative, administrative, judicial nature, and their official translations;
  • Current news;
  • Calendar, general number table, general table, and formula;
  • Works beyond the protection period.

What materials do I need to submit to apply for registration of copyright-related rights matters?

  • Application Form for Registration of Rights Related to Copyright;
  • Applicant’s identification document:
  • Proof of ownership of rights;
  • Samples of sound recordings, video products, layout designs, and materials that record performances, broadcasts, or TV content;
  • When entrusting others to apply on behalf of the agent, the agent shall submit the applicant’s certificate of authorization and agent identification documents.

What is the duration of Computer Software copyright protection?

The copyright of a natural person’s software is protected for the lifetime of the natural person and 50 years after his death. If Computer Software is developed in cooperation. The protection ends on December 31 of the 50th year after the death of the last natural person. The Computer Software copyright of legal persons or other organizations shall be protected for 50 years after the first publication of the Computer Software. However, if the Computer Software has not been published within 50 years from the date of completion of development, it will no longer be protected.


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