China Company Registration: The Importance of a Feasibility Study Report

In a rapidly developing and opportunity-filled market like China, company registration is an attractive challenge for any foreign investor. However, complex regulations, cultural differences, and the uniqueness of the market make the process of entering the Chinese market not without its hurdles. Hence, our innovative service – the Feasibility Study Report – becomes particularly crucial.

Major Challenges for Foreigners Registering Companies in China

  • Understanding of Laws and Regulations: It’s well-known that China’s commercial legal system is unique and continuously evolving, especially regarding foreign-funded enterprises’ establishment and operation. Foreign investors often find it challenging to fully grasp all relevant regulations.
  • Restrictions on Corporate Legal Representative Identity: Legally, China allows individuals to register companies as Legal Representatives, which may differ from some foreign investors’ expectations who might anticipate the need for a local partner.
  • Requirements for Business Premises: Mainland China has specific requirements for business premises in company registration. In addition to needing to submit a lease contract, some cities also offer registration addresses provided by the government, details often unknown to foreign investors.

What Is the FEASIBILITY STUDY REPORT for Company Registration in China

The Feasibility Study Report for Company Registration in Mainland China provides a clear, systematic guide for potential foreign investors to smoothly register companies in Mainland China. Covering preliminary market assessments, strategy formulation, specific registration processes, required documents, and tax introductions, this report plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. It ensures every part offers the most up-to-date, accurate, and practical information, also providing a comprehensive understanding of the steps and requirements for registering and operating a business in Mainland China. Beyond the report, we also offer prompt & accurate quotations.

Importance of the Feasibility Study Report of Company Registration


Company registration in Mainland China is a complex process involving various considerations, and success hinges on accessing accurate, comprehensive, and personalized information. While many agencies offer free report services to attract foreign investors’ attention, these free services have some non-negligible issues.

Unique values of the Feasibility Study Report include:

  • Deep market analysis considering the specific situation and needs of the enterprise;
  • Prediction of regulatory and policy changes affecting project feasibility;
  • Detailed budgeting to avoid hidden costs later on;
  • Reduction of compliance risks and increase in project success rate;
  • Advice on the most suitable shareholder composition for company registration in China based on the information provided;
  • Each project and enterprise is unique, and free reports often cannot provide targeted advice;
  • For small companies, the Feasibility Study Report costs only $150 for at least 16 pages, making the minimum registration fee only $900, truly the best plan.

Limitations and Risks of Free Reports of  Company Registration

  • Lack of Personalization: Free reports typically use standardized templates and information, failing to fully consider the specific needs and market context of the enterprise;
  • Contract Traps: Potential hidden fees or services not meeting needs once a contract is signed;
  • Compliance Risks: Inaccurate legal and market information may lead to compliance issues, increasing future risks and costs.

GWBMA’s Service Features: The most cost-effective company registration package

set up company in China

  • Personalized In-depth Analysis: Compared to free quotation services, our Feasibility Study Report offers:
  • Quick and Effective: We promise to provide a complete Feasibility Study Report within three days, including the budget and fee quotation for company registration, ensuring efficient use of your time and resources.
  • Reducing Risk, Improving Success Rate: Through our professional feasibility analysis, you will fully understand the challenges and opportunities upfront, making wiser decisions, effectively reducing risks, and increasing your success rate in the Chinese market.

As a formal agency, GWBMA values providing clients with in-depth, personalized Feasibility Study Reports, helping you fully understand the feasibility, risks, and costs of your project. Choosing the right, professional, and most cost-effective company registration package is crucial for successful business operations in China.

What is a high-level professional Feasibility Study Report for China

When Foreigners or Foreign Enterprises seek a high-level Feasibility Study Report for business in China, it typically includes the following standard analyses:

  • Market Analysis:
    • Description of the size, growth trends, competitive landscape, and potential opportunities in the Chinese market.
    • Evaluation of demand trends, consumer behavior, and purchasing power in the target market.
  • Technical Feasibility Analysis:
    • Assessment of the technology, engineering, or production processes involved, determining their feasibility and applicability in China.
    • Identification of potential technical challenges or obstacles, and proposal of solutions.
  • Financial Analysis:
    • Determination of the cost structure of the project, including initial investment, operational costs, and expected returns.
    • Projection of cash flows and analysis of financial metrics to assess Return on Investment (ROI) and profitability potential.
  • Risk Assessment:
    • Identification and evaluation of risk factors that could affect the success of the project, including market risks, political risks, and operational risks.
    • Provision of risk management plans and strategies to minimize potential impacts on the project.
  • Legal, Regulatory, and Policy Analysis:
    • Study of laws, regulations, policies, and regulatory environments related to the project, including legal requirements and tax policies for foreign enterprises in China.
    • Assessment of the impact of these laws and policies on the feasibility of the project and provision of compliance advice.
  • Marketing Strategy:
    • Development of marketing strategies and channels suitable for the Chinese market.
    • Analysis of brand positioning, pricing strategies, promotional activities, and channel selection to ensure competitive advantage in the Chinese market.
  • Social and Environmental Impact Assessment:
    • Consideration of the project’s impact on local society and environment, and proposal of sustainable development and social responsibility plans.
  • Summary and Recommendations:
    • Summarization of the feasibility study results and provision of targeted recommendations, including whether to proceed with the project, best implementation strategies, and possible improvements.

If you need a high-level professional Feasibility Study Report from GWBMA that differs from the Feasibility Study Report for Company Registration, please contact us via email. We will provide a professional report tailored to your requirements.


In summary, the Feasibility Study Report is extremely important for the process of China company registration. It not only helps investors better understand the market and legal environment, avoid risks but also provides customized strategic advice and a bridge for cultural exchange, ultimately increasing the probability of project success. Therefore, both from the perspective of investors and consulting companies, the production and application of such reports should be valued.

Choosing company registration in Mainland China is a significant decision accompanied by great opportunities as well as challenges. Through GWBMA‘s professional Feasibility Study Report, we hope to help you navigate this promising market smoothly, reducing uncertainties and risks, and maximizing the success rate of your business. We look forward to becoming your trusted partner and emb

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