Understanding International Trademark Priority and the Importance of Global Trademark Registration in Mainland China


The significance of trademarks for businesses in Mainland China. The importance of international trademark registration for brand protection and market expansion in Mainland China. An overview of international trademark priority and its role in facilitating cross-border trademark protection for Chinese businesses.

Part 1: Understanding International Trademark Priority

Trademark priority refers to the right of the earlier applicant, among multiple applicants seeking registration of the same trademark in different countries or regions, to enjoy priority. The concept of trademark priority emerged from the development of trademark law and the need for international cooperation.

Part 2: The Operation of International Trademark Priority

The core mechanism for the operation of international trademark priority is the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol. The Madrid Agreement was established in 1891, and the Madrid Protocol was revised in 1989. Under these international agreements, Chinese businesses can pursue trademark registrations in multiple countries or regions through a centralized application.

Part 3: Participating Countries in the Madrid Agreement and Protocol

Joining the Madrid Agreement and Protocol brings numerous benefits to both countries and Chinese trademark owners. For China, membership offers the opportunity to provide more convenient trademark registration services, attracting international applicants to invest and expand their businesses in Mainland China. For Chinese trademark owners, the Madrid system simplifies and streamlines the process of trademark registration across multiple countries or regions.

Part 4: Maximizing International Trademark Priority for Registration in Specific Countries

Each country or region may have different procedures and requirements when it comes to utilizing international trademark priority. Chinese applicants need to familiarize themselves with local trademark laws and regulations and submit the necessary application materials accordingly. National trademark offices usually provide official guidance and information on how to leverage international trademark priority for businesses based in Mainland China.

Part 5: To use the past six months in Foreign countries Trademark application in China

When a foreign company or individual, such as a company based in the United States, wishes to register a trademark in China, they should follow specific steps to ensure a smooth and successful application process. Certainly, proof of Priority (if applicable): If the trademark has been registered in another country within the past six months, provide the necessary proof of priority. The RegistrationChina.com Marketplace is an online platform dedicated to facilitating international trademark registration for businesses in Mainland China. This platform provides a one-stop solution to help Chinese applicants streamline the trademark registration process and manage their trademark portfolios effectively. One of the key benefits of using the RegistrationChina.com Marketplace is the simplification of the complex application process for Chinese businesses.


The importance of international trademark priority in cross-border trademark protection for businesses in Mainland China cannot be overstated. By understanding the concept and operation of international trademark priority, as well as the participating countries in the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, Chinese applicants can better leverage this mechanism to safeguard their trademarks and expand their businesses globally. Familiarity with local trademark registration requirements and procedures in specific countries, along with the utilization of platforms like RegistrationChina.com Marketplace, can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of international trademark registration for businesses in Mainland China.

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