Navigating Trademark Registration in China: Your Guide with GWBMA


In an era where branding is essential for a business’s identity and success, protecting your intellectual property in the form of trademarks is like donning armor in the highly competitive market. This holds particularly true in a powerhouse economy like China, where securing the right trademark is a critical move for any business. This is where GWBMA becomes your indispensable ally in navigating the intricacies of trademark registration in China.

Comprehensive Trademark Analysis: Unveiling the Spectrum of Mark Types

At GWBMA, we illuminate the path of Super Forms for businesses intending to mark their territory in China’s commercial landscape. Whether it’s the distinctive identity conferred by a Word Mark, the visual appeal of a Figurative Mark, or the powerful combination of a Figurative Mark containing word elements, our website is a repository of examples that applicants can explore. Further, our ‘SEARCH TRADEMARK IN CHINA‘ functionality delves into the CNIPA database, enabling clients to conduct thorough searches with ease and precision.

Understanding Types of Trademarks in China

Word Mark, Figurative Mark, and Figurative Mark Containing Word Elements

Before delving into the registration process, it’s crucial to understand the types of trademarks available in China. The primary categories include:

  1. Word Mark: These are trademarks consisting exclusively of words, letters, numbers, or a combination of these elements. They are straightforward yet powerful in representing your brand.
  2. Figurative Mark: This category includes logos or symbols that are distinctive and do not contain word elements. They are crucial for brand recognition, especially in international markets.
  3. Figurative Mark Containing Word Elements: These trademarks combine visual elements with wordings, providing a unique brand identity.

For examples of these trademarks and further information, visit our website and utilize our “SEARCH TRADEMARK IN CHINA” feature for a comprehensive overview.

Trademark Registration in China system

The Key to Successful Trademark Registration in China

Choosing the Right Agent and Understanding CNIPA’s Requirements

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) requires applicants to navigate through 45 different classes of trademarks, each with its specific sub-categories. It’s vital to choose the right class and sub-class for your trademark to ensure maximum protection. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Professional Agent: Partnering with a professional agent is crucial. GWBMA offers expertise in understanding CNIPA’s intricate classifications and processes, making your registration journey smooth and effective.
  2. Trademark Classes and Sub-Classes: You must select an appropriate class and sub-class for your trademark. CNIPA allows up to 10 items per class without extra fees, making strategic class selection essential.

Global Trademark Registration through the Madrid System

Under the Madrid System, businesses can extend their trademark protection internationally, including in China. Considering China’s vast number of registered trademarks and slight variations in rules, GWBMA recommends direct registration through our services, especially for foreign individuals or entities. Here’s why:

  1. China’s Economic Influence: As a leading global economy, China’s market is too significant to overlook in your trademark strategy.
  2. Complexity of Chinese Trademark Law: China’s trademark laws have unique nuances. GWBMA’s expertise ensures compliance and maximizes your brand’s protection.
  3. Efficiency: GWBMA can expedite the trademark registration process, with the potential to secure your trademark within six months.

Multi-Class Application Proficiency: Your Shortcut to Comprehensive Protection

Embracing the complexities of registering multiple classes in China, GWBMA’s approach simplifies the process. Our online platform is designed to assist clients in bundling various categories into one streamlined application. This cuts through the red tape, making multi-class registrations less daunting and more efficient, ultimately setting GWBMA apart as the benchmark for comprehensive trademark registration services.


Securing your trademark in China is a critical step in protecting and establishing your brand globally. GWBMA offers comprehensive services and expert guidance to navigate the complexities of Chinese trademark registration. Embrace the opportunity to expand your brand’s horizon with GWBMA – your partner in global trademark success.

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