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GWBMA is engaged in China’s legal service in the fields of Foreign investment, Business Registration, Trademarks, Patents, Copyright, Corporate legal risk management and litigation dispute resolution. Meanwhile, we are also specialized in handling company registration, trademark issues in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

The lawyers of GWBMA have graduated from the finest law schools in the world with rich experience in practice. They are well versed in foreign investment, intellectual property, and can tailor the most suitable foreign investment plan for customers according to their actual situation.

Regarding the legal services of foreign-invested enterprises, the lawyer team focuses more on providing targeted legal services, starting from the actual situation of customers, accurately grasping the actual needs of customers, keeping abreast of the legal frontiers at home and abroad, designing the most suitable foreign-invested legal service scheme from the legal perspective.

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In addition to consulting and serving on a specific legal issue involved in foreign investment in Shanghai, we also provide the company’s perennial legal advisory services. Legal adviser plays a vital role in preventing corporate legal risks. The perennial legal adviser services we provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

Legal affairs related to company management:

  • Provide the company with the latest legal advice and cutting-edge dynamic information related to business development, and provide legal support for the company to formulate and establish its long-term development goals and plans
  • At the invitation of the company, provide legal support for the company to improve and perfect its corporate governance structure, operation and management system and other rules and regulations
  • At the invitation of the company, attend or attend important meetings of the company’s management and management, make legal arguments, put forward legal opinions or suggestions, and issue legal opinions or proposals on major decisions of the company in terms of operation and management
  • Provide company with daily labor, personnel and legal issues handling services
  • Provide solutions, advice and guidance to the company’s daily legal issues

Legal affairs related to company operation:

  • Drafting contracts and agreements in the daily operation, management and external contact activities of the company
  • Revision and examination of contracts, agreements and other legal documents in the daily operation, management and external contacts of the company
  • Legal affairs related to the operation of other companies
  • Provide risk analysis and assessment for the company, and provide legal advice and suggestions for avoiding risk and strengthening management, with full knowledge of the company’s management and external hooks
  • To be entrusted by the company to issue a letter of attorney to the client concerned and participate in the settlement of civil, economic, administrative or other major disputes that have not yet formed

Features of our perennial legal advisory service:

  • Specialization
    Our lawyers have a high level of legal theory and rich practical experience, solid professional knowledge, proficiency in corporate law, business management and insurance, labor laws and regulations and policies, familiar with arbitration, court handling practices and case handling style, which can provide high-quality legal services for enterprises.
  • Personalization   
    Our lawyers will provide personalized, differentiated and targeted legal services according to the nature, scale and business characteristics of the company.
  • Effectiveness
    Our lawyers will provide effective legal services, making depth study and discussion of the case, formulating optimum and operable legal opinions and solutions for enterprises .

We have undertaken many joint venture projects and also have helped clients to complete several direct investment projects in many fields. Our experience has covered everything from establishment to liquidation of an enterprise. Our main services are as follows:

  • Design investment structure and corporate governance structure
  • Conduct legal due diligence
  • Participation in negotiation and drafting, reviewing and revising related documents on company establishment
  • Assist customers in handling all kinds of government approval, licensing and registration procedures
  • Provide comprehensive legal advice on tax planning, intellectual property protection, labor and human resources management, foreign exchange, customs, etc.
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating various types of business contracts in the daily operation process
  • Assistance in litigation and arbitration matters
  • Assistance in reorganization, dissolution and liquidation

We have provided a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises with highly praised legal services in resolving intellectual property disputes, trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, proprietary technology, trade secrets and other aspects. Our main services are as follows:

  • Acquisition, registration and management of intellectual property rights
  • Strategic Management Suggestions and Planning of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Intellectual Property Early Warning
  • Intellectual property review and due diligence
  • Participation in negotiations and drafting, reviewing and revising various documents on intellectual property transactions
  • Administrative Review/Assessment and Administrative Litigation of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Implementing intellectual property rights through administrative means
  • Processing litigation and arbitration related to intellectual property rights,etc.

This kind of legal service is mainly in the form of perennial legal consultant, recommended start-up companies to choose, the fee is generally based on the size of the company, the complexity of legal affairs and the company’s domicile and other factors, charged by negotiating.
The service content of perennial legal adviser basically includes:

  • Provide legal consultation on production, operation and management
  • Provide and interpret laws, regulations, rules, judicial interpretations and other provisions of the People’s Republic of China relating to production, operation and management
  • Provide company articles of association, shareholders agreement, cooperation agreement, labor contract, sales contract, processing contract, etc.
  • Draft, review and modify articles of association, shareholders’ agreement, cooperation agreement, labor contract, transaction contract and other contract and agreement legal documents
  • Assist in establishing legal filing and contract management system
  • Formulate and improve the internal rules and regulations of the employer
  • Provide legal analysis and advice on handling labor disputes and external legal disputes
  • Issue lawyer’s letter on external legal affairs
  • Enterprise legal risk assessment and analysis
  • Make a lawyer’s statement
  • Provide witnessed of lawyer
  • Attend and preside over major meetings of the employer upon invitation, guide the drafting of meeting documents
  • Be invited to participate in major transaction negotiation (separate contract will be signed)
  • Special training on legal knowledge (The number of times shall be determined separately)

Although carrying out business or transaction in China is the first consideration to abide by the law, the effective tax planning is also necessary. Our advice to customers is not only from the perspective of legal compliance, but also from the perspective of how to better achieve tax optimization. Our main services are as follows:

  • Provide tax advice for the daily operation of enterprises in China
  • Tax planning for various economic activities, including equipment, real estate, intellectual property, investment and disposal of financial products and equity, enterprise management, mergers and acquisitions, securitization, etc.
  • Examination of tax compliance, tax due diligence and other related tax services for initial public offerings and listings of companies and other financing or investment projects