Fast China Trademark Registration: Receive Your TM Certificate in 6 Months


Brand protection has become an indispensable part of business, especially in China—a major market for trademark registration. With GWBMA, foreign clients can register trademarks in China at unprecedented speeds, with the entire process potentially completed within just six months. Fast China Trademark Registration is crucial for foreign businesses and individuals looking to establish their brand in one of the world’s largest markets. Through GWBMA’s Trademark Application service, we offer a range of convenient services from search to registration, ensuring your trademark is protected quickly and effectively in China.

Why Choose a Chinese Trademark Agent for Fast Registration

Registering a trademark in China is a complex process, especially for foreign enterprises and individuals. According to Chinese Trademark law, foreign agents cannot directly register trademarks in China. This means that if foreign businesses or individuals want to register trademarks in China, they must do so through a trademark agency legally established within China. There are several advantages to choosing a Chinese trademark agent for registration:

  1. Legal Compliance: Chinese trademark agents understand the laws and procedures of trademark registration in China and can ensure that the entire application process complies with legal requirements, avoiding errors or delays due to unfamiliarity with the regulations.
  2. Language and Cultural Bridge: Chinese trademark agents can overcome language barriers and effectively communicate with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), while also understanding and respecting Chinese cultural and business practices.
  3. Efficiency and Speed: Professional Chinese trademark agents often have extensive experience in handling trademark registrations and can complete the registration process efficiently, reducing waiting times.
  4. On-site Agent Services: If there is a need to submit documents in person or handle specific transactions, Chinese trademark agents can provide immediate on-site support. GWBMA is one such agency.

Confirm the Trademark You Need to Protect

First, you can directly determine your preferred brand and access our online China Trademark Classification Search. In China, trademarks are registered by category, with a total of 45 different categories available. Through GWBMA’s China Trademark Classification service, clients can easily identify and select at least two relevant categories, saving time and providing comprehensive protection for their brand. This is also the most important initial strategy.

China trademark registration CLASSIFICATION

Quickly Place Your Trademark Registration Order

If the applicant is a company, we require a scanned copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or Business Certificate. If the applicant is a natural person, a scanned copy of the passport is needed. The applicant’s name and address must match exactly those on the company certificate or the individual’s passport. We offer Chinese translation services as needed. Additionally, please provide images of the trademark samples, including word marks, figurative marks, or figurative marks containing word elements. The size of the samples should not be less than or equal to 5×5 cm and not more than or equal to 10×10 cm. Once you complete the billing details and make an online payment, we will send you the trademark registration contract, power of attorney, and invoice. Please create an account before placing your order, where you can check the status of your application and the order process.

Choose 10 Items per Class

China’s trademark classification system is based on the International Nice classification system but with some modifications. You need to select 10 items in each class in the official Trademark Classification Database and fill in the item numbers (6-7 digits) on the order form. The registration application price includes the publication fee with a product or service description of up to 10 items. If additional items are needed in the same class, each additional item costs $10. Therefore, we suggest selecting at least 10 items per class unless there is a need to cover more than 10 items.

Place Your Order While Choosing to Create an Account

To ensure the security of our services and prevent misuse by hackers, our technicians have implemented a review process for creating an account. However, if you wish to become a user quickly, we recommend that you first directly make a payment for your order on our website and opt to create an account during this process. New users who follow this procedure will be instantly approved by our system within 3 minutes.


Continuous Trademark Inquiry After Completing Registration in China

As a GWBMA member, you can continually check using our China Trademark Free Search Engine. Whether it’s a word mark, figurative mark, or a figurative mark containing word elements, the application results can vary significantly. Typically, you can file two different types of trademark applications at the same time, with a word mark providing the broadest protection and a combined figurative mark showing the actual use of the branding. Moreover, you need to submit a Chinese version of the trademark to ensure protection in mainland China. You can also use our internal search to consistently find the status of your registered trademark with China’s CNIPA.


While China’s trademark registration system is comprehensive, its complexity can be daunting for foreign businesses. In fact, China has one of the highest numbers of trademark registrations in the world, with a vast number of applications filed each year. According to data from the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), there were over 29 million effective registered trademarks by 2020, and recent trends suggest this number has now reached into the tens of millions. This underscores the vibrancy of China’s market in terms of brand protection and trademark registration. Therefore, for any business or individual looking to gain a foothold in the Chinese market, understanding and following the correct trademark registration process is essential. GWBMA, with its professional and swift online platform, completes your trademark registration comprehensively and quickly.

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