You don’t need the PU letter anymore

China announced that from March 15th, 2023, Chinese Embassies will resume the various Visas for foreigners to China. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, China suspended foreigners from entering China with valid visas or residence permits on March 28, 2020.

It includes:

  1. Restore the entry Chinese visas still in validity issued before March 28, 2020.
  2. Foreigners may apply for all types of visas (including tourist L visa, business M visa, medical treatment, etc).
  3. The Chinese port visa office will resume examining and issuing various types of port visas in line.
  4. Hainan visa-free policy, Visa-free policy specified for foreign cruise-group-tour through Shanghai Port, Guangdong visa-free policy specified for foreign tour groups from Hong Kong or Macao SAR, and Guangxiguilin visa-free policy specified for foreign tour groups of ASEAN countries will resume operation.

Please read this article to know how to write a Chinese invitation letter.

What is the PU/TE Visa Policy before?

Before, starting from June 10th, 2022,  the China Embassy announced a further policy of China M visas from 30th June 2022, which includes the USA, Italy, France, UK, Singapore, and Hongkong. It means, in such countries, if the foreigner wants to come to China for a Business trip, Exchange, or Investigation, they can apply for M visa or L visa through Invitation Letter without PU/TE letter. In addition, there will be more Chinese Embassy in other countries adopting the same approach.

How to Apply for the Work Visa Z ?

Notification Letter of Work Permit

Notification Letter of Work Permit

In accordance with the relevant arrangement, the Embassy of China made adjustments to Visa Z application requirements for work and family visits to China. The updated application procedures and material requirements are as follows:

1. Using the Chinese company as the employer to apply for the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit

2. Fill out the visa application form online (, print out the confirmation page and form, and sign the confirmation page and item 9 of the form.

3. Make an appointment online to submit the application and print out the visa appointment confirmation form.

4. Submit the application in person at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center at the appointment time.

Tips: There are some countries that also need the PU or TE letter application, such as Philippines, Nigeria, etc.

What is the Work permit application in China?

So far, Z Visa or also known as the China work Visa or Work permit is the type of Visa made accessible to people who come to China. Since 1st April 2017, the Chinese consulate has broken down the Z Visa into 3 types, which include Class A (Talent/encourage), Class B (Specialty/Control), and Class C (Normal/Restrict).

For procurement of the Z visa, the foreigners should be employees working in China. Of course, if foreigners don’t have a job in China, they can also set up a company in  China by themself.

Furthermore, the immediate family members of the foreign employees can come to China with S1/S2 visa.

Work Visa Application Documents needed:

1. Application form completed online with the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit (print-out of the full form);

2. Original passport and copy of the information page;

3. 1 photo;

4. Certificate of lawful stay or residence permit (for citizens of other countries);

5. If the applicants who had Chinese nationality before and now joined a foreign nationality, they also need to show their previous Chinese passport;

6. Certificate of COVID-19 vaccination with verifiable QR code.

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