Trademark Non-use in China: Deal with The Trademarks within 3 Years


Facing the challenge of Registration Trademark Non-use within three years in China’ is a critical aspect for businesses operating within the country’s dynamic market. This article delves into the legal and strategic implications of not utilizing registered trademarks within three years, highlighting the potential risks and the importance of proactive brand management. Through the lens of GWBMA’s successful case studies, we explore effective solutions and professional services designed to safeguard and elevate your brand’s presence in China.

Trademark Non-use in China for 3 years: More Than Just Registration

In-depth Analysis of the Three-Year of Non-use of Registered Trademark Provision

In China, maintaining trademark rights is a dynamic process that requires not only a deep understanding of the law but also a keen insight into the market. The provisions in “The Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “The Implementing Regulations of the Trademark Law” clearly specify the requirements for trademark use. In China, if a Registered Trademark is not utilized for three consecutive years without a valid reason, any entity or individual may request the trademark office to revoke the trademark. This underscores the importance for trademark registrants to not only understand the legal stipulations surrounding ‘Trademark Non-use in China’ but also to develop and implement effective trademark maintenance strategies. Such proactive measures are crucial for safeguarding brand rights in the face of this significant legal challenge.

Strategies and Preventive Measures for Response

To mitigate the risk associated with ‘Trademark Non-use’ in China, proactive strategies are essential. Trademark Use involves authorizing a local Chinese company to utilize the trademark, thereby ensuring its active presence through product sales or service provision, even if the trademark registrant is not based in China. Trademark Licensing and Transfer offer alternative solutions for registrants not intending to use their trademark temporarily or permanently in China, allowing for continued legal protection. Additionally, maintaining detailed records of trademark use, such as sales invoices, advertising materials, and contracts, is crucial for providing evidence of use when required.

Case Study: Deal with the Trademark Non-use in China

Laduree - deal with Trademark Non-use in China

Strategic Deployment of Ladurée in China

Ladurée solidified its brand foundation in Shanghai, one of China’s largest cities. With comprehensive market promotion support from GWBMA, Ladurée successfully entered the Chinese market in 2019, marking its first sale in the country. Recognized globally for offering some of the finest macarons, Ladurée’s arrival was met with great enthusiasm and love from the Chinese people, delighted to experience the world-renowned pastries firsthand.

Execution of Ladurée’s Market Promotion

Leveraging deep market insights and professional marketing strategies, GWBMA orchestrated a series of successful marketing activities for Ladurée. Over three months, Ladurée launched six eye-catching pop-up events in Shanghai’s core business centers, including Jing’an Kerry Center, Xintiandi Plaza, Shanghai K11 Shopping Art Center, and IAPM Mall. These strategically chosen locations, known for their high accessibility and affluent consumer base, perfectly aligned with Ladurée’s luxurious brand image. The pop-up events significantly boosted Ladurée’s brand presence in the Chinese market, attracting widespread public attention, new customers, and media coverage, further establishing its position as a premier dessert brand.

A Successful Solution for Non-use of Registered Trademarks within Three Years

The market promotion activities of Ladurée were highly successful and received commendation from the brand’s management. Amid the global economic and social challenges of 2020, GWBMA, with its adaptable and innovative strategies, continued to provide high-quality services to Ladurée and other brands. Through innovative pop-up store initiatives, GWBMA effectively addressed the “Non-use of Registered Trademarks within Three Years in China” challenge, earning appreciation and gratitude from Ladurée. This approach not only solved a significant legal issue but also demonstrated the effectiveness of creative solutions in maintaining trademark activity and brand development.

Ladurée’s Triumph and Strategic Adaptation in 2020’s Dynamic Market

Ladurée’s market promotion activities were a huge success, receiving high recognition from the brand’s management. However, the global economic and social environment in 2020 posed challenges for every business. Against this backdrop, GWBMA, with its flexible and innovative strategies, continued to provide high-quality services to Ladurée and other brands, helping them find new opportunities in change and embrace a new phase of development.

Trademark Non-use in China: Your Comprehensive Expert and Brand Management

One-Stop Trademark Registration Platform

GWBMA provides not only online trademark registration services but also comprehensive solutions for brand management and market promotion. Our one-stop Trademark Registration platform enables foreign enterprises to fully control and protect their brand trademarks. Whether facing legal challenges in a rapidly changing market environment or maintaining a leading position in fierce market competition, GWBMA offers professional, fast, and comprehensive services.

Thoroughly solve the problem of not using Non-use of Registered Trademarks in Three years

GWBMA’s offline team, including experienced marketing experts and legal consultants, is committed to providing comprehensive protection for your trademarks and brands. Our marketing team, with its rich experience and innovative capabilities, excels in planning and executing various marketing activities, including popular pop-up stores, ensuring that your brand maintains vitality and influence in the market.


In a market full of opportunities and challenges like China, the effective management and maintenance of trademarks are crucial. GWBMA, as your comprehensive partner in trademark registration and brand management, is dedicated to providing professional, fast, and comprehensive services to ensure that your brand continues to grow and succeed in the ever-changing market environment. Whether in strategy planning, market execution, or trademark registration and maintenance, GWBMA is your trusted choice.

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