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Choose the Works you need to protect

According to the Copyright law in China, our Works Copyright online application refers to the types below:

  • Literary Work: It includes a wide variety of works such as fiction, nonfiction, poetry, textbooks, reference works, directories, catalogs, advertising copy, compilations of information;
  • Work of the Visual Arts (Pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work): It includes two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of fine, graphic, and applied art; photographs; prints and art reproductions, maps, technical drawings;
  • Music Work: It includes sound Recording, musical work (with or without lyrics);
  • Motion Picture/Audio Visual Work: It includes feature film, documentary film, animated film, television show, video, videogame, or other audiovisual work.

Tips: If you want to register the other type of Works, please contact our Attorney.

The Bacic documents we needed

  • Name of Copyright
  • Type of Copyright (Written Works, Oral Works, Music Works, Choreographic Works, Art Works, etc.)
  • Purpose of creation (why the work was created)
  • Creation process (the specific production process of the work from scratch, including how to conceive, creation time, what tools or computer software are used in the creation)
  • Originality (the work is created by the author independently, and there is no case of copying others’ works)
  • Passport copy & Passport translation
  • The electronic version of the Work sample

Complete Order Form

If the Applicant is the company, we need the Scanning copy of the Business Certificate. If the Applicant is a natural person, we need the Scanning copy of the passport. The name and address of the Applicant must be strictly identical to those of the company certificate or the passport of the individual applicant. Certainly, we can help you to translate it into the Chinese language for you. 

Provide Creation purpose of your Works

Please write the description of the the specific production process of the work from scratch, including how to conceive, creation time, what tools or computer software are used in the creation, etc.

For the Works Copyright Registration, we need the Samples of works and the description of the work, please write the description in terms of the purpose, creation process, originality of the work, and the applicant’s signature and date.

Make Online Payment

When you complete the billing details and make an online payment., we’ll send the Trademark Registration contract, Power of Attorney, and Invoice to you by email.  However,  you can apply for a refund before Copyright Filing.

Copyright Attorney Monitors Your Application

After the Copyright registration filing, we monitor the status of your application. Basically, we keep you updated through the copyright registration process. We will provide the official documents include the Receipt of Copyright application, Official Notice of Application, Online Infringement Monitoring. If everything goes smoothly, you will receive the Copyright Certificate as soon as 45 working days later. During this time, you’ll receive an automated update at every step of your Copyright application in China.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Please create an account when you place an order. Once you sign in, you can track the status and the Registration Procedure in your Account. On the order, you can check the Trademark Procedure and download the Official Documents from Trademark Office on line.

You can download and print Invoice when you complete your orders. Meanwhile, if you want to download all the Invoices of your orders, please Login your account.

In China, copyright refers to the intellectual achievements that are original in the fields of literature, art, and science and can be copied in a tangible form. The work should meet the following conditions:
(1) Originality. That is, the work must be independently conceived and created by the author. Only original works are protected by copyright law.
(2) Reproducibility. That is, one or more copies of the work can be made by printing, copying, rubbing, recording, video, ripping, reverse shooting, etc. But no matter what copying method is used and how many works are copied, none will change the content of the work.

China Copyright Law protects works of:

  • literature; art;
  • natural sciences;
  • social sciences;
  • engineering and technology created in any forms of written, oral, musical, dramatic, choreographic, and acrobatic works;
  • works of fine arts and architecture;
  • photographic works;
  • cinematographic works;
  • graphic works;
  • computer software;
  • and other works by law (Article 3).

The China Copyright Protection Center (CCPC) is the only comprehensive national copyright public service agency in China, which is responsible for the copyright registration of works in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas.

Applying for copyright registration of works in China, the foreigners or units are in accordance with the principle of national treatment, which is consistent with the registration materials required by Chinese citizens. Foreign language materials must be submitted in Chinese (except for sample works).

According to China Copyright Law, the following cannot be applied for Copyright:

  • Laws, regulations, state organs’ resolutions, decisions, orders, and other documents with legislative, administrative, judicial nature, and their official translations;
  • Current news;
  • Calendar, general number table, general table and formula;
  • Works beyond the protection period.

It will be completed within 30 working days after the registration agency accepts the registration application. If correction materials are needed, the applicant shall complete the correction within 60 days after receiving the correction notice, and the registration agency shall complete the correction within 30 working days after receiving the correction materials.

  • Application Form for Registration of Rights Related to Copyright;
  • Applicant’s identification document:
  • Proof of ownership of rights;
  •  Samples of sound recordings, video products, layout designs, and materials that record performances, broadcasts, or TV content;
  • When entrusting others to apply on behalf of the agent, the agent shall submit the applicant’s certificate of authorization and agent identification documents.

The copyright of a natural person’s Works is protected for the lifetime of the natural person and 50 years after his/her death. If Works is developed in cooperation, the protection ends on December 31 of the 50th year after the death of the last natural person. The Works Copyright of coporations or other organizations shall be protected for 50 years after the first publication of the Computer Software. However, if the Works has not been published within 50 years from the date of completion of development, it will no longer be protected.

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