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Table of Contents

Company Profile

  • Credit Record
  • Innovation capacity
  • Corporate vitality
  • Organizational background
  • Operating conditions
  • TelePhone
  • Email
  • Official Website
  • Company Registered Address
  • Google Map 

Company Registration Information

  • Official Company Name
  • Previous Name
  • Registration Status
  • Unified Social Credit Identifier (USCI)
  • R‌egistered Capital
  • Paid-in Capital
  • Legal Representative
  • Registration Number
  • Registered Address
  • Company Type
  • Date of Establishment
  • Latest approved date of the change of company
  • Operating Status
  • Registration Authority
  • Business Scope
  • Shareholder’s Name
  • Type of Shareholders
  • Amount of the Funds
  • Funds Ratio
  • Number of Affiliated Companies
  • Director Name
  • Director Title
  • Company Name
  • Responsible Person
  • Registered Address
  • Branch Registration Number
  • Registration Date
  • Business Scope
  • Change of Official Company Name
  • Change of Company Type
  • Change of Supervisor
  • Change of Business Scope
  • Change of Shareholders
  • Change of Registered Address
  • Change of Legal Representative
  • Change of Registered Capital
  • Change of Directors
  • Name
  • Shareholding Ratio
  • Equity Chain
  • Company Name
  • Company Name
  • Legal Representative
  • Registered Capital
  • Date of Establishment
  • Type of Relationship
  • Global Shareholders

Advanced Company Registration Information

  • Name of the Suspected Acual Controller
  • Total Equity Ratio
  • Invested company’s name
  • Unified Social Credit Code of the invested company
  • Legal Representative
  • Registered Captital
  • Investment proportion
  • Company Status
  • Record of Dishonesty
  • The company ‘s name as the same legal representative
  • The investment of the legal reprensentative
  • The external position of the legal representative

Company Litigation Records & Legal Checks

  • Case Name
  • Case Type
  • Plaintiff(s)
  • Defendant(s)
  • Reason
  • Case Number
  • Name of Court
  • Status
  • Case Nmuber
  • Case Name
  • Reason
  • Amount of Money
  • Publication Date
  • Executor/Executee
  • Result
  • Plaintiff
  • Defendant
  • Case Number
  • Reason
  • Announcement Type
  • Name of the Court
  • Publication Date
  • Case Number
  • Court Date
  • Reason
  • Plantiff
  • Defendant
  • Case Number
  • Filing Date
  • Plaintiff(s)

  • Defendant(s)

Comany Risks

  • Reporting Date
  • Status
  • Resolution Method
  • Reason
  • Date Resolved
  • Date of Penalty
  • Details of Penalty
  • Result of Penalty
  • Type of Violation
  • Issuing Authority
  • Punishment Number
  • Type of Punishment
  • Date of Punishment
  • Type of Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, we need 1 working day for the Basic report, according to China time (CST). For the Pro Verification Report, we need 1 – 2 working days. And for the Comprehensive report, we need 3 – 4 working days. Excluding weekends and Chinese holidays.

The verification report covers the verification of the corporations registered in Mainland China. It is noted that our reports are manually researched and our Attorney verified the information using live information sources, and the reports are not automatically generated.

Firstly, you’d better offer the correct Chinese company name in Chinese in the order form. According to China company law, all Chinese companies must use the Chinese language for the legal name of the corporations in Mainland China. If you can not give us the Chinese name of the company, you should give us the registration number of this company.

The main point is that companies in Mainland China are registered entirely in the Chinese language, so making a direct link between the English name of a company and a registered entity can be challenging. That is why we need to ensure that we have sufficient verifiable information about a company in order to process our verification report with the required high level of certainty.

If we cannot identify registration in Mainland China you will receive a negative report by Email. In other words, this company doesn’t exist at the moment. However, the announcement of new company by the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) needs a few days.

Firstly, it’s probably a holiday in China, our team has to work in the working days. GWBMA takes great care to ensure that all reports are delivered on or prior to the estimated delivery date. In previous cases where clients have not received their reports, it has been found that email spam filters have incorrectly prevented the report from being received. If you do not receive your report after the estimated delivery date, please contact us at

Owing to China being a foreign exchange control state, normally we need 3 days to receive the international bank payment. That’s why Paypal online payment is a good method for Verification Report Service. Sometimes, you need the report immediately. If you don’t have the Paypal account, please contact us at

Please contact us by email: As always, we have an Exhaustive Professional Verification Report for you, including Enterprise Index, Industrial Status, The Market analysis, etc.

You can download and print Invoice when you complete your orders. Meanwhile, if you want to download all the Invoices of your orders, please Login your account and download.

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