China Target Company Report: Verifying information is a key Step


In today’s era of global economic integration, understanding the true situation of potential partners has become crucial for companies seeking to enter the Chinese market. Rapid and accurate acquisition of detailed information about target company is a necessary step to ensure smooth cooperation. Especially for foreign companies not based in China, and particularly those who have never been to China, obtaining reliable and detailed information about Chinese target company can help them better evaluate cooperation opportunities and reduce the risks of entering a new market. This demand for in-depth understanding of “China Target Company Report” underscores the importance of selecting a reliable platform or service to verify information about Chinese target company. For businesses or individuals seeking cooperation opportunities in China, quickly verifying information about target company is a key step to success.

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What are China Target Company Report

First, you can locate the target company through GWBMA’s China Company Search.

Secondly, “Chinese Target Company” refer to domestic companies in China that serve as targets for foreign companies engaging in business activities such as investment, cooperation, and trade. These target companies may involve various industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, technology, and services. Foreign companies may seek these Chinese target companies for importing or exporting goods, seeking legal or financial cooperation, or engaging in intellectual property collaborations. Effectively identifying and verifying information about these target companies is essential to ensure the success and safety of transactions.

International trade is particularly important, especially for foreign companies wishing to engage in import and export transactions with Chinese companies. Confirming the legality and reliability of the target company before starting transactions is a crucial step. This not only concerns the success of the trade but also involves the security of funds and reputation. However, due to cultural and language differences, foreign companies often face various challenges when verifying information about Chinese companies.

How to Utilize GWBMA to Address Chinese Company Report

When selecting Chinese target companies for cooperation, different types of enterprises such as foreign trade companies, law firms, intellectual property companies, and IP companies all have their unique needs and purposes. Whether seeking trade opportunities, legal advice, or intellectual property protection, these enterprises face challenges in accurately identifying and verifying Chinese partners. In this process, a high-quality company verification report can not only provide necessary information for enterprises to ensure smooth cooperation but also is crucial to ensuring transaction security and reducing potential risks. Therefore, regardless of the diversity of enterprise needs, reliable company verification services are essential bridges to achieving their goals.

How to choose GWBMA’s comprehensive services, we can inform you of the solution:


Our Light report and Basic report are not only affordable but also provide important data such as basic company information, financial status, legal proceedings, etc.

With GWBMA’s instant automated company report service, you can receive detailed reports of Chinese target companies at extremely competitive prices within just three minutes. This service not only saves valuable time and resources but also ensures the accuracy and reliability of information.



If a formal third party handles the company query, it is still recommended to use the MANUAL COMPANY VERIFICATION REPORT, of which we have three types: Basic Report, Pro Report, Comprehensive Report. For this service, GWBMA is certainly manual, and the report must be reviewed to ensure the accuracy of the content. Finally, this is the most accurate information. Furthermore, if you choose GWBMA’s manual service, our team will ensure that you can easily obtain the most needed business information to help you make wiser decisions. Whether it’s the financial status, legal disputes, or intellectual property of the target company, GWBMA’s services provide comprehensive insights.

Please understand what are the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) and Actual Controller in China.

Success Cases and User Feedback for China Target Companies Report

Here is a genuine customer’s feedback via after going through a third-party institution with GWBMA:



Absolutely worth it!

Within no time I received thoroughly, manually conducted extracts from all kinds of registers and available information sources including their full set of history. – Quality-wise absolutely worth it and a highly appreciated service.

Very distinct, in-depth report

The reports I received (I ordered five) are very distinct and detailed, pulling data from many different sources thoroughly together. Definitely worth the price and wait!!!

Issues with English Names of Chinese Target Company Report

According to updated data from GWBMA, the number of companies registered in mainland China is a very large number, exceeding 60 million. This large number indeed represents both opportunities and challenges, especially in the process of verifying and understanding enterprise information. For example, a common problem encountered by many foreign companies in communication with Chinese companies is the inconsistency between the English name and the Chinese name of the Chinese company, as well as the issue of the accuracy of English translation, which may lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Additionally, finding that the phone is not reachable when attempting to contact the company is also a common problem. We have discussed and explained these issues in detail in our previous articles to help you better understand and address these challenges. Please refer to our other articles: Finding Phone Numbers in China and you will understand how to deal with them.


Remember, when you need to quickly and accurately query information about China Target Company Report, choosing us—GWBMA—means choosing a powerful ally. We will support your business decisions by providing accurate and timely company reports, ensuring that your trade journey in China is smoother and more successful.

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