China Trademark Proof of Priority: Fast and Efficient Registration


In the global business environment, trademark registration is not only a necessary step for brand protection but also a crucial aspect of a company’s competitive edge in the international market. For many international businesses and individuals, quickly and effectively registering a trademark in China has become a vital task. Particularly for those seeking to expedite the registration process using a China Trademark Proof of Priority, finding the right agency is essential.

As an official filing agency listed by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), GWBMA offers professional services and extensive experience, making it the ideal choice for international applicants aiming to secure a Chinese trademark swiftly. This article will detail how to use the Proof of Priority to accelerate trademark registration in China and explain how GWBMA can assist foreign businesses and individuals in completing this process in the shortest possible time.

Foreign Companies or Individuals Need to Obtain a Chinese Trademark Quickly: Proof of Priority

In today’s competitive global marketplace, securing a trademark in key markets is essential for any business looking to expand its reach and protect its brand. China, as one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world, represents a significant market for international businesses. Therefore, quickly obtaining a Chinese trademark is crucial for several reasons:

  • Establishing a trademark in China helps foreign companies safeguard their brand from potential infringers. Given China’s vast market size and consumer base, unauthorized use of a brand can lead to significant financial losses and damage to the brand’s reputation. By securing a trademark promptly, businesses can legally protect their intellectual property rights.
  • Having a registered trademark in China provides a competitive edge over other companies that may not have yet secured their trademarks. It ensures that the brand is uniquely associated with the company, preventing competitors from exploiting its goodwill.
  • A registered trademark offers legal protection under Chinese law, allowing businesses to enforce their rights against counterfeiters and infringers. This legal backing is vital for maintaining the integrity of the brand and ensuring that customers receive genuine products and services.

By understanding the importance of fast trademark registration and the role trademarks play in brand protection and market expansion, foreign companies and individuals can better navigate the complexities of entering the Chinese market. Utilizing the China Trademark Proof of Priority can further expedite this process, ensuring that businesses can swiftly and effectively secure their trademarks in China.

China Trademark Proof of Priority online

Interpretation of New Chinese Regulations: Obtaining a Trademark Certificate within 6 Months 

According to the new regulations by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), applicants can obtain a trademark certificate within six months under certain conditions. These new regulations significantly shorten the trademark registration time and improve registration efficiency. The specific interpretation is as follows:

Simplified Review Process

The new regulations simplify the trademark review process, significantly shortening the examination period for trademark applications. By optimizing the review procedures and reducing unnecessary approval steps, the review speed is greatly improved.

Use of China Trademark Proof of Priority

Applicants who have registered a trademark in another country can submit their trademark application to China within six months and provide the Proof of Priority (China Trademark Proof of Priority). This priority can give the applicant’s trademark application in China preferential treatment, thereby speeding up the registration process.

Electronic Application System

The China National Intellectual Property Administration has launched a new electronic application system, making the trademark application process more convenient and efficient. Applicants can submit applications through the online system and track the application progress in real-time, reducing the time consumption of traditional paper applications.

Choosing Trademark Proof of Priority: Genuine Officially Registered Agency in China

In the process of quickly registering a trademark in China, selecting the right agency is crucial. GWBMA is an officially registered trademark agency with the CNIPA, possessing legal qualifications and extensive experience. This allows them to directly handle trademark applications, reducing intermediaries and improving application efficiency.

GWBMA is a 100% online trademark registration system, with all operations conducted online. The basic trademark filing fee is only $350, which even includes the translation of the proof of priority. If you were to find a local translator, they might not match the professional translation services of GWBMA. Additionally, this fee includes the translation of a scanned copy of the passport, the Certificate of Incorporation or Business Certificate, and especially the Certificate of Filing Trademark. How much would you spend on these professional Chinese translations in your own country?

Choosing a genuinely officially registered agency in China, like GWBMA, instead of a randomly found online agent, has several important advantages. Officially registered agencies have legal qualifications and registration, ensuring the legitimacy and reliability of their services. Trademark applications submitted through GWBMA are recognized and prioritized by CNIPA. In contrast, agents found online often subcontract the work to other agencies, adding unnecessary intermediary steps that can lead to delays and errors. GWBMA, as an officially registered agency, can directly handle applications, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Furthermore, GWBMA has an experienced professional service team that provides personalized consultation and services. The team is familiar with the Chinese trademark registration process and relevant laws and regulations, allowing them to tailor the best registration plan for applicants, ensuring a smooth application process.


In summary, by choosing an officially registered agency like GWBMA, foreign businesses and individuals can significantly increase the efficiency and success rate of their trademark registration, ensuring their brand is legally protected in the Chinese market. GWBMA will continue to publish articles on Chinese trademark registration, providing valuable information and guidance to help businesses smoothly navigate the registration process and protect their brand rights.


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