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Today, China has an open, large, and fast-growing economy. But it is also a middle-income country with a huge supply of cheap labor. With a population of 1.4 billion, Mainland China imported US $ 2.685 trillion worth of goods from around the world in 2019. It increased by 12.3% from 2018 to 2019. And the point is, there are 100 million Chinese corporations in Mainland China. Unfortunately, the official language used in China is the Chinese language. The Chinese characters are the only pictographic characters still in use in the world and very difficult to understand, including the Company Business License, Certificates, Chinese ID card, etc. If you are attracted by the enticing opportunities of China’s vigorous market, as every importer or exporter, feel unfamiliar with market regulations and procedures.

That’s why there are many photo-shopped or fake Business Licenses or certificates used by companies looking to get an unfair advantage. Because some people have turned this into an opportunity to earn money in Fake company information. But if you use a fake company that didn’t verify for the payment, the little misplay may bring a huge loss to your company. For example, there are many companies on Alibaba or Amazon that said they are a factory but have turned out to be a single person at a desk with his laptop, and a few pictures of goods of the business on the website, and a Fake License.

Therefore, you need to verify the True or False through a third party, we provide the verification report in the English version. Besides the Business License, our Licensed Attorney can also verify the certificate and license including Chinese ID Card, Trademark, Copyright, Patent Certificate, ICP License, Import & Export License, Medical License, Food/Wine License, ISO Certificates, Website ICP License, etc.

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