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How to order Trademark Comprehensive Search Report - 4 Easy Steps

A comprehensive search is extremely important before filing a Trademark application. You should have a search completed prior to using either of the filing options. It’s useful for individuals or companies that want to register a Trademark and need to know everything about availability, similar marks, and the latest Trademark filing information before you submit an application. A Trademark search report is a comprehensive report that includes results related to a trademark search and the pass rate of Trademark Applications in China. The Trademark Search reports are compiled by intellectual property attorneys. 

Provide Trademark Samples

Please provide the image of Trademark samples, which divide into Word Mark, Figurative Mark, or Figurative Mark containing word elements. The sizes of the samples should not be less than or equal to 5×5 cm and not more than or equal to 10×10 cm. Tips: Please take a look at TradeMark Example.

Choose 10 items per Class

China trademark classification system is based on the International NICE classification system but with some changes. You need to choose 10 items in each Class in the official Trademark Classification Database. The Registration Application price includes the publication cost with a product or service description of up to 10 items. Therefore, we suggest that you to limit the items to 10 per class unless there is a need to cover more than 10 items.

Make Online Payment

When you complete the billing details and make an online payment, our licensed Attorney will review your classification selection and suggest the description of goods and services to best protect your legal rights. After coordinating with you, the Trademark Attorney will perform a check on the availability of the desired name or logo or design and provide you with a Professional Search Report by email in 3-5 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Please create an account when you place an order. Once you sign in, you can track the status and the Registration Procedure in your Account. On the order, you can check the Trademark Procedure and download the Official Documents from Trademark Office on line.

You can download and print Invoice when you complete your orders. Meanwhile, if you want to download all the Invoices of your orders, please Login your account.

Yes. If you need the extra Class Search in the Trademark Search Report, each additional Class has a cost of 25 dollars. So you can also the add 10 items in other class and fill in the Order Form on the right. After the pyament of the order, we ‘ll contact you immediately.

China follows the NICE Classification for trademark classes. The Nice Classification is an international classification of goods and services for the purpose of register a trademark. This classification system consists the 45 classes; 01-34 includes goods and 35-45 includes services. In other words, you have to register for the Trademark only under the 45 classes in China.

In China, the Trademark is designated by the two symbols, ‘R’ and ‘TM’. The Trademark symbol ‘TM’ is a provisional symbol, used for applied but undetermined Trademarks before the Trademark Certificate. It acts as a warning symbol for potential infringers that the application, to claim the trademark is under process. The trademark symbol ‘R’ signifies the registered trademark. Once the application gets approved by the government, the ‘R’ (®) mark can be used by the proprietor for 10 years.

Yes. The official language of Mainland China is simplified Chinese Characters. If you want to protect your brands, you’d better also register the Chinese Homophones and Synonym Trademark in the same classes. Meanwhile, the Trademark Chinese Language belongs to another Trademark.

A registered trademark is valid for the period of ten years which may be renewed for a further period of ten years on the payment of renewal fees.

A registered trademark is valid for the period of ten years which may be renewed for a further period of ten years on the payment of renewal fees.

You can search the online Trademark Free Search Engine to check the availability of the desired trademark. And if you want to register the Trademark, our attorney will analyze the pass rate of the brand for Trademark Registration.

Yes, you can apply for the existing Trademark which is already registered but in a different class. However, the situation is different in the case of Famous Trademarks. You cannot apply for the existing Famous Trademark even in the different classes. This trademark application will have a high probability of getting objected.

A trademark registered in China is valid only in Mainland China because every country has its own rules and regulations of the trademark.

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