China Trademark Registration

$350 One Mark Per Class

How to order Trademark Application - 6 Easy Steps

Confirm the Mark you need to protect

The GWBMA official website provides free search service, you can use China Trademark Free Search Engine to check the availability of the Word or logo for the Trademark Registration. A word trademark or a logo trademark make the result quite different. Generally, you can file two separate trademarks with the two different forms at the same time. A word mark guarantees the broadest protection and a combined logo mark shows the genuine use of the branding. Moreover, you need also to file the Chinese version to protect your branding in Mainland China.

Choose 10 Categories (goods/services) per Class

China trademark classification system is based on the International NICE classification system but with some changes. You need to choose 10 Categories (goods/services) in each Class in our official Trademark Classification Database. If you need the extra Categories (goods/services) in the same Class, the additioanl fee is USD 10 for each goods/services in excess of ten Categories. So we suggest that you to limit the items to 10 per class unless there is a need to cover more than 10 items.

Complete Order Form

If the Applicant is the company, we need the Scanning copy of the Business Certificate. If the Applicant is a natural person, we need the Scanning copy of the passport. The name and address of the Applicant must be strictly identical to those of the company certificate or the passport of individual applicant. Certainly, we can help you to translate it in Chinese language for you.

Provide Brand Samples

Trademark Brand samples (word or logo) with sizes not less than or equal to 5×5 cm and not more than or equal to 10×10 cm.
If the sample is in color, we need the color sample and also one sample in black and white (a software copy may be provided for our handling). 

Make Online Payment

When you complete the billing details and make an online payment. Your Trademark Application will be submitted on behalf of you immediately. As China has adopted the “first to file” system, a prior application date means a lot for a trademark registration process in China. Your trademark application will be filed within 1-2 working days.

Online support

We will provide the official documents include the Receipt of Trademark application, Official Notice of Application, Online Infringement Monitoring, and Monthly Docketing Report. If everything goes smoothly, you will receive the Trademark Certificate as soon as 11 months later. During this time, you’ll receive an automated update at every step of your trademark application in China.

Our Attorney will check the Pass Rate of the Words or logos for the Trademark Registration. If the success rate is very low and you don’t want to continue to apply for the Trademark. You can apply for a refund before Trademark Filling.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. According to the CHINA TRADEMARK LAW (Article 18), any foreign person or foreign enterprise intending to apply for the registration of a trademark or any other matters concerning a trademark in China shall appoint any trademark agencies which are established legally. The trademark agencies will submit the filing paper for you online (for company applicant) or by mail (for the individual applicant). You can choose us as your appointed agency in China for your trademark registration.

A. China follows the NICE Classification for trademark classes. The Nice Classification is an international classification of goods and services for the purpose of register a trademark. This classification system consists the 45 classes; 01-34 includes goods and 35-45 includes services. In other words, you have to register for the Trademark only under the 45 classes in China.

A. In China, the Trademark is designated by the two symbols, ‘R’ and ‘TM’. The Trademark symbol ‘TM’ is a provisional symbol, used for applied but undetermined Trademarks before the Trademark Certificate. It acts as a warning symbol for potential infringers that the application, to claim the trademark is under process. The trademark symbol ‘R’ signifies the registered trademark. Once the application gets approved by the government, the ‘R’ (®) mark can be used by the proprietor for 10 years.

A. Yes. The official language of Mainland China is simplified Chinese Characters. If you want to protect your brands, you’d better also register the Chinese Homophones and Synonym Trademark in the same classes. Meanwhile, the Trademark Chinese Language belongs to another Trademark.

A. A registered trademark is valid for the period of ten years which may be renewed for a further period of ten years on the payment of renewal fees.

A registered trademark is valid for the period of ten years which may be renewed for a further period of ten years on the payment of renewal fees.

A. You can search the online Trademark Free Search Engine to check the availability of the desired trademark. And if you want to register the Trademark, our attorney will analyze the pass rate of the brand for Trademark Registration.

A. Yes, you can apply for the existing Trademark which is already registered but in a different class. However, the situation is different in the case of Famous Trademarks. You cannot apply for the existing Famous Trademark even in the different classes. This trademark application will have a high probability of getting objected.

A. A trademark registered in China is valid only in Mainland China because every country has its own rules and regulations of the trademark.